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Chakra Oils Set - Aromatherapy Oils to Balance Chakras During Meditation or Yoga

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Chakra Oils Set 

Set of 7 roller ball oils for working with your chakras during meditation, yoga or energy healing work. Each Chakra Oil has been lovingly handcrafted to combine the power of scent, color, and intention for each chakra. Made with coconut oil, premium fragrance and natural crystals that have been infused with Reiki intentions. Each Chakra oil also has a mantra on it that you can use when applying.

Your Chakra Oils will come in an organza gift bag for storage, along with a printout sheet that I've created to help explain your chakras, what aspect of your life they house, and how to balance chakras by focusing on them.

You'll get one each:

Root Chakra Oil - Muladhara - Red - Teak & Cardamom Scent with Red Jasper

Sacral Chakra Oil - Svadhishthana - Orange - Sweet & Spicy Orange Scent with Carnelian

Solar Plexus Oil - Manipura - Yellow - Bergamot & Ginger Scent with Citrine, Tiger Eye & Moonstone

Heart Chakra Oil - Anahata - Green - Lime, Rose & Jasmine Scent with Aventurine, Peridot & Moss Agate

Throat Chakra Oil - Vishuddha - Turquoise Blue -Vanilla Sandalwood Scent with Amazonite, Crystal Quartz & Blue Lace Agate

Third Eye Chakra Oil - Ajna - Indigo - Sweet Dreams Scent with Lapis Lazuli & Iolite

Crown Chakra Oil - Sahasrara - Purple - Lavender & Sage Scent with Amethyst

Set of seven 1/3 oz Glass roller ball bottles