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CAPRICORN Perfume Oil, December 22 - January 19, Astrology Birthday Gift, The Sea Goat - Vanilla Sandalwood Scent

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Capricorn Zodiac Perfume

1/3 oz roller perfume oil, handmade with coconut oil and fragrance.

About Capricorn:

Birth dates: December 22 – January 19
Zodiac Symbol: Sea Goat
Element: Earth (Cardinal)
Ruling Planet: Saturn
Opposite Sign: Cancer

Capricorn is the tenth sign of the zodiac. The Goat is famous for being the stable, sure-footed, responsible one. Capricorns are constantly climbing a mountain to their goals by keeping their nose to the grind and working hard for what they want. They won’t stop until they reach the top, and then they move onto a new mountain. Caps are famous for being workaholics, pessimistic and sarcastic. Capricorn is also known to be quite funny and witty and an excellent source of good advice.

Capricorn Perfume Scent: For Capricorn, I chose a warm, soothing blend of creamy vanilla and sandalwood.

Great birthday gift for an astrology lover!
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