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HEALING Herbal Intention Candle - Use During Emotional Work & To Wish For Speedy Recovery

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HEALING Herb Infused Intention Candle

Use this healing candle anytime you wish to focus on your intention on any type of healing - mental, physical, emotional or spiritual.  Great for meditation and spell work focusing on any type of healing for yourself, others or Mother Earth.  This raspberry vanilla scented candle is infused with my healing herb mix which I create using the 11 herbs notoriously used in healing spells including rose petals, rosemary, thyme, yarrow flowers and more.  I conduct my own rituals to infuse them with intention as I create the candles from scratch.

The top includes some mantras you can say for healing:

* Loving, healing energy is filling every cell of my body

* I am open to receiving the emotional, physical and spiritual healing that I need right now.

* I am perfect, whole and complete as I am in this moment.

Scent: Raspberry Vanilla with magical herb mixture infused in the wax  (smells amazing!!)
Size: 6 oz Metal Tin with lid and safety feet to keep heat off your surfaces (Made in USA)
Burn Time: Approx 40 hours
Clean burning 100% natural USA Soy Wax with cotton wick

The herbs tend to float away from the candle flame while burning, not towards it, but to be safe please only use when you are in close proximity and are watching the candle in case of fire. Don't burn for more than an hour at a time. This type of spell candle is for special use - not the type you light and let go all day to scent your home. See label on back for a reminder of how to care for your herb candle.

Hand-poured in small batches and infused with intention by Julie @ Scentual Goddess