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NAG CHAMPA Meditation Mist - Popular Indian Incense Scent in a Convenient Spray Meditate Yoga

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Love the smell of nag champa? Now you can have it on-demand, anytime you wish. A few sprays around the room and it's like you're burning nag champa incense. If you're unfamiliar, Nag Champa is the most popular incense scent in the world from India - it's spicy, earthy and exotic. Set the perfect mood for your meditation instantly without the hassle of burning incense. Safe to use as a body spray or in your car too!

Simply spray around the room or above your head to instantly set the tone for your meditation session.

2 oz purple spray bottle with cap
Ingredients: Purified water & fragrance oil - no added chemicals or preservatives.

Handmade with love.