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Keep Calm & Burn Sage Smudge Candle with White Sage and Lavender Buds

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Keep Calm & Burn Sage Jar Candle

Life can get crazy.  Breath deep and let go of what's stressing you.  Lavender has a calming effect while white sage is known for smudging to clear away negative energy.  The two work like a dynamic duo to help you Keep Calm.

Lavender & Vanilla scented candle with pieces of White Sage Leaf & Lavender Buds embedded in the wax.

Om Symbol with "Keep Calm and Burn Sage" saying

Color:  White
4" x 4" glass cube jar with clear printed label
Holds about 1 pound of wax
Natural soy wax with Hemp wick
Approximate burn time is 100 hours

Handmade with love