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ABUNDANCE Candle - Set Your Intentions to Receive Resources & Opportunities for Your Best Life

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ABUNDANCE Intention Candle

Handmade soy candle made specifically for setting your intentions for abundance and everything you need to be provided by the Universe so that you can live your best life.

Makes a great tool to use when journaling your intentions or meditating on what you desire.

Affirmations on the Abundance Candle:

* The abundant Universe provides everything I need
* I always have more than enough
* Opportunities and resources flow to me daily
* The Universe conspires in my favor, always in diving timing

  • Scent: Cinnamon Spice with dried flowers & herbs
  • Color: Green with affirmations for Abundance
  • Size: 6 oz Metal Tin with lid 
  • Burn Time: Approx 40 hours
  • Clean burning 100% natural USA Soy Wax with cotton wick
  • Handmade with love

The herbs tend to float away from the candle flame while burning, not towards it, but to be safe please only use when you are in close proximity and are watching the candle in case of fire. Don't burn for more than an a couple hours at a time. This type of intention candle is for special use during your spiritual work like journaling, meditation or personal rituals - not the type you light and let go all day to scent your home.

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