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Grab Bag of Small Stones Intuitively Chosen Just For You By Spirit - Mystery Bag of Healing Crystals

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"Grab Bag" of intuitively chosen healing stones picked just for you.

I LOVE stones! All of them. Can't get enough. I've got bowls of them sitting around my house, on my nightstand, in my office..... I am so drawn to rocks, stones, crystals of all kinds. I love how they feel, how they look and the different energies they give off.

For the past couple years I've been offering my "Mystery Bag" of stones which is either 5 or 10 large stones from the ones you see pictured in my shop. That comes with instruction cards for each stone and bagged in a cute purple gift bag. Feedback has been awesome on the Mystery Bag! So I decided to offer a similar but different option for you. I have a huge collection of smaller stones or "odd balls" that came to me as medicine but aren't included in my regular Healing Stones listings. I keep them in a large bowl and use them for medicine bags and such. But Spirit has been whispering to me recently that they aren't being distributed fast enough and it's time to make new way for them to get out into the world and deliver their medicine.

So here's a "Grab Bag" of these stones which I will choose for you based on what I feel guided to select when packing your order. The amount, type and size of the stones will vary. I will simply stuff one of my 3"x4" purple gift bags. This offering won't have the info cards included like my premium stones or Mystery Bag (because there's too many in the bag and I don't have cards for all of the types of stones I have in this mix). There is nothing "wrong" with these stones. Mostly they didn't make the cut size wise for the premium stones I offer. Some may be oddly shaped, weirdly colored or have minor scratches or imperfections - but they are still precious little treasures. I will not send you any broken stones.

Your grab bag will have probably 10 to 20 stones, depending on what i pick for you. I'll try to pick out all different kinds, unless I feel you need multiples of a certain one.

Grab bag stones are great for introducing you to new types of healing crystals, building your stone collection, making crystal grids, carrying in your pocket or purse, using in craft or decorative projects, jewelry, etc...

Your Grab Bag of Stones may contain any of the following:

African Turquoise Jasper
Black Moonstone
Black Tourmaline
Blue Lace Agate
Brecciated Jasper
Cheveron Amethyst
Crystal Quartz
Dalmatian Jasper
Dragon's Eye
Golden Quartz
Green Moss Agate
Fancy Jasper
Hawk's Eye
Jade Nephrite
Lapis Lazuli
Orange Calcite
Peach Moonstone
Peacock Ore
Picture Jasper
Rainbow Hematite
Rainbow Moonstone
Rose Quartz
Shiva Lingham
Smoky Quartz
Snowflake Obsidian
Tiger's Eye
Or types that come to me.

I'll select your stones specifically for you when you place your order. I sit down with the stones, clear my mind, and stir the bowl of stones with my hand. I let the stones tell me which ones want to go with you.

Your grab bag of stones will come in a gift bag with a white sage leaf to cleanse them.

This set makes a great gift for any spiritual enthusiast or healer! If you're sending this as a gift for someone special, just include their name in the notes and a little info on what you're sending it to them for, as it will help me choose.