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Archangel Uriel Spray - Creativity Passion & Divine Spark Call Upon Uriel for a Boost of Inspiration

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Feel like you've lost your purpose and passion lately? Uriel is the angel to call upon when you feel like you need to be infused with a boost of energy, creativity and information about your life purpose and the next steps in your path.

Close your eyes and allow Uriel to work with your energy to help me feel more energized and give you a boost of Divine spark!

Archangel Uriel Spray contains a bright, lively fragrance oil blend of lemongrass, cassia & kiwi and a powerful gem elixir made from spring water and the essence of healing crystals to invoke Archangel Uriel including Amethyst, Howelite and Crystal Quartz. The label contains a prayer to help you invoke Uriel.

2 oz cobalt spray bottle

(Sorry, my beatiful Sunstone gemstones aren't included, but they are available in my shop ;)

How to use :

Angel Rx® sprays are as versatile and creative as you are!
. Use when you need help from the Archangels
. Mist above your head during meditation or prayer
. Wear as perfume
. Anoint special items
. Great smelling spray for your home, car or office
. Spray before or during healing sessions
. Give as a unique gift


Handcrafted in small batches and charged with intention.

Sold as a curio. No specific results are implied or guaranteed.