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Sacral Chakra Spray - I FEEL - Let Go of Emotional Baggage, Boost Your Creativity & Feminine Power

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Sacral Chakra Spray with Healing Crystals

  • Chakra balancing spray
  • Meditation spray with Carnelian Crystals
  • Also use as a yoga mat spray, body spray or room spray

Do you feel really bogged down with old emotional stuff that you can't seem to let go of? Have you experienced any sort of sexual trauma? Is your sex drive gone? Does your creativity seem blocked or like you have a hard time expressing yourself in front of people? Your Sacral Chakra, located just below your belly button, is your center for your emotions, creativity and sexuality. When it's clogged or shut down, it can feel really difficult to let go of the past and be in the moment. It forms during early childhood, where pain from your past can get stuck - especially if you suffered any form of sexual abuse.

Opening and clearing your Sacral Chakra can be a great experience and so worth the effort. First of all, you may find that you're no longer bothered by past pain (or much less). Your sex drive can greatly improve and the energy you give off when your Sacral is open and clear is amazingly attractive! You may also feel a lot more creative and able to fully express yourself through art, dance, music, etc...

Here's a quick tip for Moms: I find that this is where my "motherly energy" is housed and is the center for Goddess energy. Whenever my children are upset or acting out, I go within and activate my Sacral Chakra by visualizing a ball of orange light below my naval - I send it to them and see them being surrounded in this orange light. I find that almost immediately when I do this, that their behavior calms down and they become very happy and want to be near me cuddling. One day I was just guided by Spirit to do this and it works amazingly well for me, try it!

With this listing you'll receive one 2 oz spray bottle:

I FEEL - Sacral Chakra Spray

  • Scent: Amber
  • Crystals: Carnelian
  • Color: Orange
  • Sanskrit Symbol: Svadhishthana
  • Ingredients:  Purified water, fragrance, healing crystal chip stones
  • Charged with intention and handmade with love

Also available in the Chakra Spray Set, Sacral Chakra Oil, Sacral Chakra Candle


Chakra Rx Sprays are tools to use during meditation, personal rituals, yoga or energy healing work. Each spray works with one of your main 7 Chakras. I combined my knowledge and experience with chakra healing, along with aromatherapy and the power of healing crystals to create each spray. Each bottle is lovingly handmade with intention. The front features the Sanskrit Chakra Symbol and a power phrase to use as an affirmation. On the back, I've included a chakra meditation exercise for you to try.