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Chakra Sprays Set - Aromatherapy with Crystals, Balance Your Chakras, Yoga Meditation

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  • Chakra Balancing Gift Set
  • Great for chakra meditation
  • Also use as a Yoga Mat, Body, Pillow or Room Spray

Each spray is lovingly handmade with good intentions to help you open, heal and balance your chakras.

You can use your chakra sprays during meditation to help you focus your intentions on your inner work.  Use it as a yoga mat spray to enhance your experience.  Also can be used as a body spray perfume too!

Chakra Sprays are great tools for energy healers, massage therapists, yoga instructors & Reiki practitioners!  Chakra sprays add to your client's overall experience by heightening their senses with scent and the added power of crystal healing!

Each chakra spray features the Sanskrit chakra symbol and color for each chakra.  I’ve included a meditation exercise on the back of each chakra spray for you to try. Each chakra spray is handmade with loving intentions using premium fragrance, purified water and real healing crystals in each bottle. 2 oz each.  Comes bagged and ready to give as a gift!


Chakra Sprays Set includes one each: 

Root Chakra Spray - “I Belong”, Red, Cardamom & Teak scent with Black Tourmaline and Rose Quartz crystals.

Sacral Chakra Spray - “I Feel”, orange, amber scent with Carnelian crystals

Solar Plexus Chakra Spray - “I Can”, yellow, ginger & bergamot scent with Citrine, Tiger Eye and Moonstone crystals

Heart Chakra Spray - “I Love”, green, lime rose & jasmine scent with Peridot, Rose Quartz and Aventurine crystals

Throat Chakra Spray - “I Speak”, blue, sandalwood scent with Crystal Quartz and Amazonite crystals

Third Eye Chakra Spray - “I See”, indigo, spearmint & eucalyptus scent with Iolite and Lapis Lazuli crystals

Crown Chakra Spray - “I Am”, purple, frankincense & myrrh scent with Amethyst crystals


Prefer a roll on oil version?  Check out the Chakra Oils Set - same great scents and healing crystals, in a convenient roller bottle!

Also available in matching chakra candles!