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Solar Plexus Chakra Oil - Ginger & Bergamot Scent + Moonstone Crystals - Confidence and Motivation

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Aromatherapy oil for use during meditation, yoga or any type of emotional healing work to help open, balance and expand the energy in your Solar Plexus.

Chakra Oil Details:

  • Scent: Ginger & Bergamot
  • Crystals:  Rainbow Moonstone
  • Clear label with Solar Plexus Chakra Symbol
  • Solar Plexus Chakra Affirmation "I am confident & strong"
  • Ingredients: Coconut oil & premium fragrance (Phthalate-free, no preservatives or added chemicals)
  • Size: 1/3 oz roll-on glass bottle with black plastic screw on cap
  • Handmade with love

Basic Solar Plexus Chakra Info:

Solar Plexus Chakra: Also called Power Center, 3rd or Yellow Chakra
Chakra color: Yellow
Location: 2" above your belly button
Aspects it Controls: Self-Confidence, Motivation & Personal Power
Reasons you’d want to clear your Solar Plexus Chakra include feelings of helplessness, lack of self-confidence, lack of drive and motivation, loss of personal power often due to being in controlling relationships.


Tips for opening your Solar Plexus Chakra:

Stand facing the sun.  Roll a little Solar Plexus Chakra Oil on your wrist and inhale deeply.  Allow the invigorating citrus blend to energize your senses.  Envision within you, about 2 inches above your belly button, a ball of yellow light.  This is your Solar Plexus Chakra.  Imagine that the sun's rays are charging up the light within you.  See it glowing bigger and brighter as you soak up the rays.  Feel the confidence and power surging through your body.  Now go make today awesome!

I've included small stone chips in the bottle associated with this chakra. The stones I use in each batch varies depending on what I currently have on hand or am able to source, but I usually use Citrine, Moonstone or Yellow Jasper for your Solar Plexus Chakra Oil.

With this listing you will receive one 1/3 oz bottle of Solar Plexus Chakra Oil.  

It is also available as part of the 7 Chakra Oils Set , Other tools to help you work with your Solar Plexus Candle, Solar Plexus Chakra Spray or Solar Plexus Chakra Necklace.

Ways to use Chakra Oil:
- Inhale the scent anytime you need a boost of energy for a particular chakra
- Apply it directly to the area of your chakra during meditation, yoga or healing work
- Wear it as a perfume to help you during any type of emotional healing work you’re doing