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Heart Chakra Oil "I Love" Anahata - Open Your Heart Center, Increase Self Love and Let Go of Regret

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Aromatherapy oil for use during meditation, yoga or any type of emotional healing work to help open, balance and expand the energy in your Heart Chakra.

Basic Heart Chakra Info:

Heart Chakra:
Also called Anahata, Heart Center, 4th or Green Chakra
Chakra color: Green
Location: Center of your chest by your physical heart
Aspects it Controls: Self-Love, Compassion, Relationships
Reasons you’d want to clear your Heart Chakra include feelings of loss, grief or regret, lack of feelings of love towards self or others, pain from past relationships or loss of loved ones.

Tips for opening your Heart Chakra:

Sit in a comfortable chair. Roll a little Heart Chakra Oil on your wrist and dab a little in the center or your chest.  Inhale the lovely, vibrant aroma blend and set your intention on opening your heart.  Picture a green ball of light in the center of your chest.  Imagine that it is like a lotus flower with many petals.  See it open like a beautiful flower.  Say to yourself “I am lovable.  I am loved.  I give and receive love freely.  It is safe to let go of this regret.  It is ok to love myself.”  Try to keep your attention on your Heart Chakra for as long as you can.  See it wide open, growing bigger and brighter.  You are surrounded by love.

Chakra Oil Details:
Size: 1/3 oz roll-on glass bottle with black plastic screw on cap
Scent: Lime, Jasmine & Rose  (lime citrus is the dominant scent in this one)
Ingredients: Sweet almond oil & premium fragrance (Phthalate-free, no preservatives or added chemicals)

Affirmation on the bottle reads "My Heart is Open to Love"

Handmade with loving intentions.

I've included small stone chips in the bottle associated with this chakra. The stones I use in each batch varies depending on what I currently have on hand or am able to source, but I usually use Rose Quartz, Aventurine, Unakite, Green Calcite or Peridot for your Heart Chakra Oil.

With this listing you will receive one 1/3 oz bottle of Heart Chakra Oil.  

It is also available as part of the 7 Chakra Oils Set , Other tools to help you work with your Heart Chakra Candle or Heart Chakra Spray

Ways to use Chakra Oil:
- Inhale the scent anytime you need a boost of energy for a particular chakra
- Apply it directly to the area of your chakra during meditation, yoga or healing work
- Wear it as a perfume to help you during any type of emotional healing work you’re doing