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Chakra Oils Set - Aromatherapy Oils to Balance Chakras During Meditation or Yoga

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Chakra Oils Set 

7 deliciously scented aromatherapy chakra oils with tiny healing crystals to help you balance your chakras.  Each bottle is handmade with loving intentions.  Each bottle features the sanskrit chakra symbol and affirmations to help you work with each of your chakras.

You can use your chakra oils in different ways.  Apply directly to your chakra before meditation or yoga.  Wear as a perfume oil to remind you of your spiritual goals you're working on.  Anoint your crystals by rubbing a little on it as you're working with your healing crystals. 

Chakra Oils Set includes all seven chakra oils: Each one comes in a convenient 1/3 oz roll-on glass bottle with black plastic screw on cap. Includes gift bag for storage and a printout of basic chakra information.  Made with coconut oil, premium fragrance and real healing crystals inside each bottle.


Chakra Oils Set includes one each:

Root Chakra Oil - Cardamom & Teak scent with Black Tourmaline & Rose Quartz

Sacral Chakra Oil - Sweet & Spicy Orange scent with Carnelian & Moonstone crystals

Solar Plexus Oil - Ginger & Bergamot scent with Citrine, Tiger Eye & Moonstone

Heart Chakra Oil - Lime, Rose & Jasmine scent with Peridot & Rose Quartz

Throat Chakra Oil - Sandalwood scent with Crystal Quartz & Amazonite crystals

Third Eye Chakra Oil - Spearmint & Eucalyptus scent with Iolite crystals

Crown Crown Oil - Frankincense & Myrrh scent with Amethyst crystals


This chakra oils set makes a great gift for your spiritual friends who enjoy yoga, meditation and energy healing work!

Also sold individually:  Root Chakra Oil, Sacral Chakra Oil, Solar Plexus Chakra Oil, Heart Chakra Oil, Throat Chakra Oil, Third Eye Chakra Oil, Crown Chakra Oil.

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