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Grab Bag of Raw Crystals - Rough Natural Stones - Add to Your Rock Collection

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Grab Bag of Raw Crystals / Natural Stones 

This is a fun way to add to your rock collection!

Grab bag stones are great for introducing you to new types of healing crystals, building your rock collection, making crystal grids, carrying in your pocket or purse, using in craft or decorative projects, such as wire-wrapped jewelry, etc...

The Story:
In order to offer individual raw crystals in my shop, I need to buy them in bulk lots and sort through them. I pick out the best ones to offer individually, but I end up with a ton of leftover pieces that didn't make the cut due to size, shape, coloring, etc... I decided to take all of these crystals (who need love too) and make them into grab bags. I laid them all out on a table and let spirit tell me which ones went together. I tried to put a good mixture in each handful sized pile. Then, I bagged them in cute little purple organza bags. There are 65 bags and when they're gone, they're gone.

Your grab bag of rough stones will have at least 6 stones, most have about 10-12, depending on what fits in the bag. You can see in the photos an example of what the type of mix you may receive. All of the stones are natural and totally unique in size and shape.

Your Grab Bag may include any of the following:

Apache Tears
Black Tourmaline
Blue Apatite
Blue Calcite
Blue Kyanite (tiny blades)
Crystal Quartz (tiny points)
Green Calcite
Lapis Lazuli
Mystical Merlinite
Orange Calcite
Peacock Ore
Red Jasper
Sparkling Mica
Tiger Eye
Yellow Jasper

Your grab bag of stones will come in a purple organza bag, making them ready to give as a gift! 

NOTE: All of these crystals are already bagged, please don't ask for specific stones. If there's a certain stone you're hoping for, put it in the notes and I'll try to find you a bag that has it, if I still have it available.