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Violet Flame Gift Set - Meditation Candle & Mist with Amethyst Crystals

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Violet Flame Candle & Meditation Mist Set

You'll get one candle and one spray, perfect for creating a wonderful ambiance as you do your releasing ceremonies to let go of what's no longer serving you.  Send what you need to let go of to the Violet Flame of transmutation.



Meditation candle to represent the Violet Flame of transmutation

Scent: Violet flowers
Color: Purple
Size: 6 oz metal tin
Burn Time: 40 hours

VIOLET FLAME Meditation Mist

  • Meditation ambiance enhancer
  • 2 oz purple spray bottle
  • Scent: Violet flowers
  • With tiny Amethyst crystals in the bottle

More about the Violet Flame

The Violet Flame is an image you can see in your mind that helps you release what you're ready to let go of.  You can work with the Violet Flame during meditation or personal ritual.

Are you carrying around burdens, shame or guilt that you're ready to let go of? Do you feel like old karma from your past lives is holding you back? Energetically sending what you're ready to release to the "Violet Flame" is a great way of letting go and healing.  

Envision a violet purple fire. Everything that enters this flame will burn up and be transmuted into love. You can send anything you are tired of carrying into this Violet Flame and release it forever. 

I made this candle as a way to make it easier for you to imagine the violet flame during meditation and when you're doing your healing work.  You can use it to burn up things you've written down to release too.

Several small groups of women use this candle for special releasing ceremonies during retreats.