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Tree Love Meditation

Posted by Julie Cantu on

Today I found myself needing some tree love, so I headed outdoors to meditate under my favorite tree.  Trees are incredibly strong, grounding and offer you such a powerful energy if you ask them for it.  


There's nothing like sitting with your back up against a tree and asking it for support and guidance.  Feel the grounding energy from tree's roots pulling you towards Mother Earth. You are safe. You are grounded.  All is well.

Feel the strength of tree's trunk supporting your back.  Imagine that strength is being transmitted to you, boosting your inner strength.

Look up and see tree's branches towering over you. Protecting you. Covering you. Supporting you.

Notice how tree has developed a rough outer bark to protect itself so that it can grow.  But notice spots where it's released that old bark in order to free itself up to grow even bigger and better.

Look at the curves, bumps and imperfections of the tree.  Isn't it beautiful? It's uniqueness and ability to grow and adapt is what makes it so magnificent.  Just like you! :)


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