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How to Smudge Your Home to Get Rid of Negative Energy

Posted by Julie Cantu on

Instructions on How to Smudge Your Home with Sage:

  • Choose a quiet time when you will not be interrupted.
  • Light the wide end of the sage smudge stick and allow it to burn for a few seconds. Blow out the flame. A purifying smoke will be emitted from the hot embers. Gently blow on the embers to revive the smoke as needed.
  • Hold the white sage smudge stick in one hand.  You may wish to carry an abalone shell or heat safe bowl in one hand to use as an ash catcher.  Hold the white sage smudge stick in the other. Gently tap the smudge stick on the side of the ash catcher to remove loose pieces. Be careful of the hot embers. Don’t touch any surfaces or your body, you just want the sacred smoke to travel around the surfaces.

smudging with sage

  • Wave the smudge stick in the direction of whatever you wish to purify.  As you are smudging state your intentions either mentally or out loud that you are clearing all old energy away.
  • Walk from room to room, repeating this process of smudging while stating your intentions for the energy in your space to be cleared and purified.
  • When you’re finished, gently crush the tip of the smudge stick inside the abalone shell or bowl to put it out. Your smudge stick can be re-lit many times. If you feel you need to, run the tip under water to fully extinguish. But you’ll have to allow it to thoroughly dry for several days before it can be reused. Extinguishing it by allowing it to burn out on its own, or gently crushing the end is the best way.
  • To enhance your experience even further, you may wish to play soft music or light candles to add more peaceful ambiance.


 If you're ready to try smudging, you may like my Sage Smudge Kit  It comes with everything you need: a white sage stick, an abalone shell, instructions on smudging, and it's all ready to give as a gift!






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