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How do healing crystals work?

Posted by Julie Cantu on

A new customer asked me today how healing crystals work.  As I was explaining it to her, I felt inspired to write this post.  The most simple way I can explain it is that everything is energy - our bodies, everything in nature, even everything man-made is made up of energy.  All of that energy gives off different frequencies. Imagine like different stations being broadcast by a radio.  

Each stone has it's own vibrational frequency.  Our ancestors back thousands of years realized this and used certain types of stones for different purposes and through trial and error learned what worked.  So each of the stones in my shop I've listed the folklore that has been passed down or the vibe I get from each different one. 


To use healing crystals:  Typically you'd hold the stones in your hands during meditation, set them up in a special place in your home, maybe put some around a special candle and burn it with the intention of whatever you're working on, carry them in your pocket, purse or in a medicine bag.  The idea is that the stone is a piece of medicine given to us by Mother Nature.  Like Spirit Animals are looked to for strength and guidance, so are stones.  Native Americans call animals "The Four-Leggeds" (we are "The Two-Leggeds") and stones are "The Stone People" and believe that each different species offers us its own unique strengths and gifts if we ask them for help.

Here are some of the different healing crystals offered by Scentual Goddess:

They can be mixed with herbs and placed in a medicine bag.

Or set up your crystals up in a grid and burn a special intention candle.  



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  • Hi,

    The link to healing crystals did not open up. Instead it brought up an error page. Are all of the crystals offered in your shop considered healing crystals?

    Mikelle Rogers on

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