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What is a Smudge Fan?


Smudge Fans, sometimes called Spirit Feathers, are beautiful creations made of feathers to use during ceremonial smudging.  Smudging is the practice of burning white sage or other sacred herbs to cleanse and bless your space.  Smudging gets its roots in Native American culture, however, today it is widely practiced by many across the globe.  Anyone who believes that everything is energy and that energy can become heavy, dense or negative can benefit from smudging.  Smudge Fans are a tool used to fan the smoke from the burning herbs.  

Traditionally, an Eagle Feather was used but today Wild Turkey, Goose & Peacock feathers are commonly substitutes due to Eagles being an endangered species and their feathers are prohibited.  Smudge fans can be comprised of one to many feathers, and can have leather,suede, wood, crystal or other accents.  Scentual Goddess can create a custom smudge fan with the colors and accents you'd like.

 Here are some examples of Smudge Fans

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White sage is often burned using an abalone shell as an ash catcher or "smudge pot".


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