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What a rare Magical Day! New Moon + Solar Eclipse + Spring Equinox 03/20/15

new moon solar eclipse spring equinox

New Moon + Solar Eclipse + Spring Equinox on Friday, March 20, 2015!

This week Mother Nature is giving you a great opportunity to make a fresh start!  This Friday, March 20 2015, is a rare, magical day with a New Moon + Solar Eclipse + Spring Equinox all occuring on the same day.  The Solar Eclipse happens at 5:46 am EST and the Spring Equinox officially occurs about 13 hours later.  The next time these natural phenomenons will occur all together is in 2034 ~ so take advantage of this power day my magical friends!

#newmoon #solareclipse #springequinox #freshstart

So what does this mean for you?  

It's an excellent day for focusing your intentions on getting a fresh new start with some aspect of your life that you're ready to change.  It's like getting a super-blast of astrological power behind your intentions!

Things you could focus on during this power day:

  • Goal setting
  • Self care
  • Diet & exercise 
  • Mending relationships
  • De-cluttering & organization
  • Budgeting & planning for your future
  • Travel planning
  • Anything that is important to you




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