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What are Chakras?

Posted by Julie Cantu on

Chakras are the energy centers in your body.  Eastern medicine discovered the chakras (also called meridians) long ago, but the terms have only recently been discovered by the masses in the west. 

You have many chakras throughout your body, but there are seven main ones that run from the base of your spine - up to the top of your head. 

These seven chakras, while not visible to the human eye, can be felt when you learn to tap into them.  More on that in a future post.  But for now, just know that the seven main chakras to be aware of are your Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye and Crown Chakras.  Imagine seven colored balls of light running up and down your spine. 


Root Chakra - Red, located at the base of your spine (tailbone), determines how safe, secure, grounded and connected to Mother Earth that you feel.  Also determines your ability to manifest and hold onto money

Sacral Chakra - Orange, located about 2" below your naval, houses your emotions, creativity and sexual expression

Solar Plexus Chakra - Yellow, located about 2" above your naval, generates your sense of confidence, motivation and personal power

Heart Chakra - Green, located in the center of your chest, holds and generates feelings of love, compassion, connectedness to others and the Universe

Throat Chakra - Blue, located in your neck, determines your ability to communicate clearly, speak your personal truth, and to stand up for yourself

Third Eye Chakra - Indigo, located between your eyebrows, is your mind's eye - the portal to which you receive intuitive messages, have visions and dreams, and determines your psychic abilities.

Crown Chakra - Purple, located on the top of your head, your crown is the gateway to your spirituality and is your connection with your soul, the Divine and Spirit.


Each of these seven chakras generates and contains the energy and essence of certain aspects of your life.  Old energy can become stuck in your chakras causing them to become clogged and fully or partially closed.  Through meditation and emotional healing work, you can open, expand and balance each of your seven chakras which leads to you enjoying a more happy, balanced and joyful life.  I'll be writing a separate post on exactly what each chakra is, where it's located, what aspects of your life is run by each chakra, common reasons it gets clogged, and some tips on opening and clearing each of your chakras.  

Some people, especially energy healers, find the use of aromatherapy tools helpful when working with your chakras.  Scentual Goddess carries a full array of Chakra Rx Aromatherapy products including Chakra Sprays, Chakra Oils and Chakra Candles - along with powerful crystals attuned for clearing and balancing your chakras.

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