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What is smudging?

Posted by Julie Cantu on

Smudging is the ancient Native American practice of burning sage or other dried herbs to cleanse and clear your space.  White sage, sweetgrass, cedar and lavender are some of the most sacred herbs for smudging. 

Typically you'd use a smudge bundle.  The dried herbs are packed into a small bundle and tied together with a string 

An ash catcher, often an abalone shell or fire safe bowl, is carried in one hand while the smudge stick is in the other. 

You light the smudge bundle, let it burn for a moment, then blow it out.  The smoke created from the hot embers creates a purifying smoke that clears the air of unwanted, dense, dark energy and spirits.  

If you're new to smudging, check out my starter Smudge Kit that comes with a stick of white sage, an abalone shell, and detailed instructions on how to smudge your home. offers a wide variety of smudging tools

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