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How to intuitively choose a crystal

choose a crystal crystals gemstones healing crystals how to pick a crystal rocks select a crystal

Crystals are so unique and each one beautiful in it's own way.  Some have different spots of color or other minerals mixed in, some have a cracked appearance, or odd shapes and markings.  Like people, these little imperfections make each one unique, different, special and add character and charisma. When you're trying to choose which crystal is right for you, tune into the energy of it and listen for the calling.  If you're in a rock shop or are in front of many different crystals, simply start looking them over, holding them in your hands and opening yourself up to...

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Expand your Solar Plexus Chakra for more confidence

confidence meditation solar plexus

Here's a little visualization / meditation exercise that I learned along the way that really helps you open, clear and expand your Solar Plexus chakra.  Stand facing the sun.  Envision within you, about 2 inches above your belly button, a ball of yellow light.  This is your Solar Plexus Chakra.  Imagine that the sun's rays are charging up the light within you.  See it glowing bigger and brighter as you soak up the rays.  Feel the confidence and power surging through your body.  Now go make today awesome! For added zest to your experience, spray a little Solar Plexus Chakra...

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How do healing crystals work?

crystal grid crystals

A new customer asked me today how healing crystals work.  As I was explaining it to her, I felt inspired to write this post.  The most simple way I can explain it is that everything is energy - our bodies, everything in nature, even everything man-made is made up of energy.  All of that energy gives off different frequencies. Imagine like different stations being broadcast by a radio.   Each stone has it's own vibrational frequency.  Our ancestors back thousands of years realized this and used certain types of stones for different purposes and through trial and error learned what worked. ...

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What is a Smudge Fan?


Smudge Fans, sometimes called Spirit Feathers, are beautiful creations made of feathers to use during ceremonial smudging.  Smudging is the practice of burning white sage or other sacred herbs to cleanse and bless your space.  Smudging gets its roots in Native American culture, however, today it is widely practiced by many across the globe.  Anyone who believes that everything is energy and that energy can become heavy, dense or negative can benefit from smudging.  Smudge Fans are a tool used to fan the smoke from the burning herbs.   Traditionally, an Eagle Feather was used but today Wild Turkey, Goose...

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Heart Chakra Meditation for Healing

Heart Chakra

Maybe you have experienced great pain in your relationships.  Infidelities, loss of loved ones and regret over "the one that got away" can all block your heart chakra and cause it to seem closed.  Working with your Heart Chakra can be one of the most healing and liberating things you can do for yourself.  Here are a few tips that I've learned along the way on my journey. One of the simplest and most effective ways I've learned to stimulate the heart chakra is to place your hand  over your heart and rub the area around your heart chakra while...

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