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Welcome to Scentual Goddess!


Nourish Your Soul ~

If you're on your path and you're seeking to clean up your energy vibration, let go of what no longer serves you, better your life, attract abundance, deliberately create what you want using the power of intentions, embrace your journey, explore your spirituality or you feel drawn to and inspired by working with Spirit, Mother Nature & the Moon..... then you're in the right place!  

All of my handmade items are meant to serve as fun tools for you to use to create the life you desire. I always joke that I'm a "spiritual toy maker" and that my shop is like a playground for consciously-evolving beautiful souls!  At least that's what I intend to create for you :)

Some of the metaphysical tools I offer include 

Herbal intention candles to use while you're journaling or visualizing what you want to create. Handmade soy candles to create sacred space while you meditate. And aromatherapy sprays to calm, energize or inspire you.  AromaBlends ready to use essential oils so you can take Mother Nature's medicine with you wherever you go.

Chakra balancing tools like chakra oils, sprays, candles and chakra pendant necklaces to wear for a boost of confidence and color therapy.  

Smudge kits and smudge sticks including California white sage, lavender for peace, cedar for protection,  palo santo sticks to create sacred space, and abalone shells to use as bowls for smudging your home to clear negative energy away. 

Over 60 different types of healing crystals from around the world including  Amazonite, Apache Tears, Howlite, Amethyst, Black Tourmaline, Arizona Turquoise, Tiger Eye, Aventurine, Green Calcite, Orange Calcite, Carneian, Red Jasper, Sodalite, Crystal Quartz, Yellow Jasper, Selenite, Desert Rose, Ocean Jasper, and many more.

An assortment of handmade bath and beauty products to help you feel your best and enjoy your journey including 24 different perfume oils inspired by scents from Mother Nature, handmade lip balm in 8 delicious flavors, beautiful mandala necklaces that I make with epoxy resin and beautiful sacred geometry patterns, and some new boho gypsy style dreamcatchers to beautify your space. 

One of my most exciting offerings (I think) are my Scentiments Gift Candles.  They are intended to give as gifts to friends, family and loved ones who need a little pick me up, encouragement or just to let them know you're thinking about them.  I've designed several different messages and am in the process of adding more.  I use my standard white wax, vanilla scented candle for all of them because it's versatile and the most widely loved scent.  You can send them directly (if your friend isn't local to you) and I'll gladly include a personal note from you.  To do so, simply checkout with the candle, enter your friend's shipping address at checkout, and put what you'd like me to say on the note in the notes section of your order.  Don't worry, I always pack in pretty tissue paper and I never include receipts or prices in any of my orders.

Scentual Goddess is an eclectic mix of whatever Spirit inspires me to make for you.  Everything you see here was handmade by me, in my kitchen, with love for you.  From pouring the candles, to designing the labels, mixing the fragrances and creating the jewelry. I've been a one-woman shop since I opened my Etsy shop in 2013. 

Normal turn-around time for your order to ship is 3-7 business days, sometimes sooner. I ship daily via USPS from Michigan.  

If there's anything I can do to help you, please email me .  If you'd like to subscribe to my email list there's a link below.  I promise I won't give your email address to anyone and I only occasionally send out emails for special offers.  Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your journey! 


"The Scentual Goddess"